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U.F.O.G.O.: wind turbine designs

We believe that wind turbines can fit into our landscapes not only sensitively, but beautifully – if we focus on their design.  

Convinced by this premise, ECAL presents U.F.O.G.O.: 8 wind turbine designs realised by Master Product Design students under the guidance of Camille Blin, Anthony Guex, Maxwell Ashford and Anniina Koivu.  

A sustainability project grounded in reality, but not limited by what already is. 

In collaboration with the Shorefast Foundation of Fogo Island (Newfoundland, Canada) et la School of Engineering and Management HEIG-VD, and in media partnership with Disegno.

Activities schedule

April 18
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
April 19
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
April 20
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
April 21
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
April 22
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
April 23
11:00 — 16:00 Exhibition

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