Conceived and meticulously curated by the renowned London-based designer Bodo Sperlein, "Menu 1." is poised to be a transformative and standout event during Fuorisalone and Milan Design Week 2024. The exhibition unfolds within the enchanting courtyard and cloisters of the Sant'Angelo Monastery, providing a serene yet dynamic setting for the showcase.

Aligned with the theme of 'Materia Natura' for Fuorisalone, the exhibition promises to be a captivating journey into the world of design, celebrating diverse and timeless collections. "Menu 1." will immerse attendees in a sensory experience, where each design tells a story of innovation, sustainability, and the harmonious intersection of nature and artistry.

Visitors can expect to see the premiere of Bodo's Wave collection, alongside a showcase of products from: Weishäupl, a German outdoor furniture and accessories brand. Edelgrund who specializes in hand-crafted, wool tribal carpets which reflect the Persian heritage. Lobmeyr, a fine crystal and chandelier manufacturer with over two centuries of expertise, featuring design studio BCXSY. Lzf, a Spanish contemporary lighting manufacturer, specializing in shaping thin sheets of wood veneer into remarkable lighting products. Orea, a Swiss custom kitchen, bath and furniture brand, that offers sleek and elegant high-quality designs. Wogg, a furniture brand combining functionality and Swiss precision, and Creative Matters, specializing in hand-knotted rugs and fair trade floor coverings, featuring designs in collaboration with LOMA Studio.

As visitors through this immersive showcase, they will witness Bodo's inaugural venture into the world of rugs with "Botanica," a collection for the premier Spanish textile brand Gan Rugs, the premiere of the 'Portal' outdoor furniture and lighting collection for Weishäupl, and 'S-Line' kitchen block for Orea. Menu 1 is also featuring his 'Artisan' collection for family-run wallpaper, fabric and paint brand Coordonné, and designs for Lzf and Lobmeyr.

Access rules
The exhibition is free entry. Registration upon arrival until maximum capacity. The entry of the exhibition is within the Piazza.  Pre-register at:


Convento Sant'Angelo
Piazza Sant'Angelo, 2 - Milano

How to get there

Opening hours

Mon, April 15th 10:00-19:00 Registration
Tue, April 16th 10:00-19:00 Registration
Wed, April 17th 10:00-19:00 Registration
Thu, April 18th 10:00-19:00 Registration
Fri, April 19th 10:00-19:00 Registration
Sat, April 20th 10:00-19:00 Registration
Sun, April 21st 10:00-18:00 Registration


Tueday, April 16th
19:00 - 23:00
Private party
By invitation only
Thursday, April 18th
19:00 - 23:00
Private party
By invitation only

Exhibitors and companies

Bodo Sperlein

London-based designer celebrated for his exceptional creativity and innovative approach. Working with several global, luxury brands alongside his product lines, Bodo showcases an appreciation for craft combined with the use of high-quality materials, such as wood, marble, silver and bronze.


A family-run Spanish brand, specialising in wallpaper, fabric and paint.

Cover Magazine

Creative Matters

A textile brand, specialising in hand-knotted rugs and fair trade floor coverings.


A textile brand that specialises in handcrafted wool tribal carpets that reflect Persian heritage.

Gan Rugs

Leading Spanish rug brand renowned for its unparalleled craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. With a rich heritage spanning decades, Gan Rugs continues to push the boundaries of creativity.


A premium crystal and chandelier manufacturer, with over 200 years of expertise.

Lzf Lamps

Hailing from Valencia, Spain, Lzf is a forward-thinking lighting company renowned for its innovative use of wood veneer.


A Swiss-based custom kitchen, bath, and furniture brand renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.


German, outdoor furniture and accessories brand, transforming the garden and terrace into living spaces, with a passion for the art of craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials.