A refined mosaic of proposals for fluid living between interiors and exteriors, dOT celebrates this year's theme ‘Materia Natura’ with an installation in the churchyard that exalts the beauty of living in open spaces in contact with greenery and an in-depth exploration dedicated to materials, colors, and finishes in the garden and the loggias of the cloisters.

Where art, landscape, technology, and architecture embrace experimentation, contamination, and innovation, offering new scenarios and opening up to new visions.


As part of the official circuit of the Brera Design District, from April 16 to 21, 2024, the VII edition of dOT-design Outdoor Taste takes place. Dedicated to outdoor design and inside-out living, dOT is among the most awaited and visited events in the city during the Fuorisalone days, organized by VG crea in collaboration with EN Space network and partnership Myplant & Garden.


A historic and fascinating site in the heart of Milan is transformed into an elegant and convivial meeting place for operators, designers, and lovers of outdoor design and inside-out living through site-specific interpretations by authors that celebrate the fluidity of new lifestyles between interior and exterior.


Immersed in lush nature, the unprecedented settings expand and enhance the cloisters with an exhibition of proposals that, in the sign of continuity and the design relationship between indoors and outdoors, express experimentation and formal, material, and aesthetic hybridizations in the name of creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Square of the Church of San Marco, where aesthetics and elegance embrace originality

An exhibition space of 700 square meters hosts settings and solutions for the outdoors characterized by quality, well-being, and conviviality. Water, fire, earth, and air materialize in five site-specific authorial scenography, where sensory experiences, wellness, and innovation find space and form in ready-to-live setups.


From the refined metropolitan rooftop to the outdoor wellness area, to the secret forest, dOT offers a range of complete housing and design ideas - pavements, kitchens, pergolas, bathrooms, lights, furnishings, and accessories - of high quality, showing elegant 'garden rooms' stimulating sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste of visitors, whether they are private persons, outdoor life enthusiasts, operators, designers, companies, architects, home & garden professionals, stylists, builders, merchants, hoteliers, restaurateurs...


Cloisters of the Church of San Marco, where matter becomes project

The garden and the loggias of the cloisters of the Church of San Marco take on the aspect of an unprecedented vision-lab, where furnishings, sets, accessories, and coverings are the result of a path of research and development with a high innovative content. The contamination between In and Out takes shape in products and solutions for fluid living in a métissage of materials and colors, processes and technologies, nature and recycling, tradition and innovation.

The settings in the cloisters are a story of in-out living, a score of contaminations and collaborations among designer, companies, and artisans in which objects reveal their ideational genesis, disclose their material essence, and show the qualities of use. Cement and terrazzo, wood and glass, leather and fabric, resin and steel, natural and composite materials are shown, told, and transformed into furnishings and pavements, doors, coverings and faucets, objects, accessories, separators, light, and air through cutting-edge technologies and experimentations. Color study, spatial composition, product design, and material research find an exemplary ecosystem in the cloisters in which express themselves.


dOT Interview Café

dOT, with dOT Interview Café, expects a rich meetings and video interviews program with designers and architects involved in the setup and conception of products on display and with design studios known internationally. Materials, colors, finishes, and project scenarios will be the themes of the dialogues, published immediately on social media. Additionally, the calendar includes workshops on the use of special materials for design pavements.

Access rules
Accesso libero senza registrazione


Piazza e Chiostro della Chiesa di San Marco
Piazza e via San Marco, 2 - Milano

How to get there

Opening hours

Tue, April 16th 11:00-23:00
Wed, April 17th 11:00-23:00
Thu, April 18th 11:00-23:00
Fri, April 19th 11:00-23:00
Sat, April 20th 11:00-23:00
Sun, April 21st 11:00-20:00


Exhibitors and companies


After a twenty-year career devoted to designing and creating significant architectures commissioned in Italy, the Middle East, and Central Asia, Paolo Lettieri decided to found 29 MILANO, his own brand to design a unique furniture collection.

ABK Group Studio

ABK Group Studio includes the main collections of the ABK Group brands, all produced in the heart of the Italian ceramic district, a perfect combination of design, quality and technology.


Agglotech SPA SB is leader company in the production of Architectural Terrazzo: resin-free marble-cement blocks Made in Italy. EPD certified, it is constantly searching for natural raw materials to be mixed without the use of chemicals, developing a completely eco-sustainable production cycle.


Bathroom space as a place of introspection and beauty. Entering a sauna, a Turkish bath, immersing yourself in a mini-pool, represent not a luxury, but a quest. Proud of our loyalty to the territory, to Made in Italy, because it translates into quality and design that the market recognizes in us.


Aluvy designs and manufactures in France "extra-ordinary" outdoor furniture for outdoor cooking. As beautiful as they are efficient, these aluminum units can be left outside all year round. Modern and substainable, they are available in 24 colors to make each product unique.

Ambrosini G.t.

Antique Mirror

For more than 40 years, Antique Mirror has dedicated itself to researching and creating special products in the flat glass industry. In the Sovicille (SI) factory, the application of patented processes and exquisitely crafted techniques creates unique and unrepeatable antiqued mirrors.

beWall – Italian Wallpaper

beWall, a Young and dynamic brand, Made in Italy, that sees the wall as an experimentation place freedom and interpretation.  A world where creativity has no limits and wallpaper dresses your spaces in a unique way. Elegance, aesthetics and technology are the engine of our research.

Carlsberg Italia

With over 1.3 million hectolitres produced, Carlsberg Italy is currently the third largest national beer producer with a portfolio of national and international brands: Birrificio Angelo Poretti, 1664 Blanc, Tuborg, Grimbergen, Brooklyn Brewery, Carlsberg and Kronenbourg.


Florence-based furniture brand Casapitti aims to become renowned as a source of high-quality Italian craftsmanship. Founded by B&D home, which has been present on the American market since 1977 it is targeting its tailor-made and sustainable furniture to interior designers and professionals.


Since 1978 Corradi has been designing outdoor solutions, combining the elements of nature and cutting-edge technologies. Innovation, emotion and design are the identity of Corradi and hallmarks of the Pergotenda® models and Butterfly sysyem, bioclimatic pergolas and nautical-inspired sun sails.

CROMATICA - Marcegaglia Steel

Marcegaglia is the world's leading Italian industrial group in steel processing and a key player in the entire steel value chain.


Italian manufacturer of taps and products for private wellness since 1985. With factories in Milan province, Daniel stands out for the design of the collections, the quality and the patents on the subject of finishes, which have always been strongly present and important for its taps that furnish.


D.Green is the new Green Design brand in the world of natural scenography for events, artistic installations for showrooms and Design Hotels, and for sustainable concepts with great emotional impact

Di.Bi. Group

For over 40 years, Di.Bi. not only offers its customers the opportunity to feel safe at home through high-performance products but, thanks to a wide range of finishing panels, it also offers the possibility to customize any door and make it unique according to one’s own taste.


At EGOLUCE, we cherish values that have made us a renowned player in the global lighting industry – experience, innovation, and technology. Our dedication to the environment and sustainability is constant which is reflected in the design of our products.


ELEKTA is a brand of the GANI Group, an Italian company producing RESINS, MICROCEMENT and NATURAL COATINGS, for floors and walls in residential, commercial and hospitality environments. Since 1989, excellent materials and certified implementation.

EN Space network

EN Space is a network of professionals engaged in the field of architecture, design and landscape. Through event programming and activity planning it qualifies as an excellent interface between institutions, organizations, companies and designers.


We love to let you savor every aromatic nuance of coffee. That is why we use Medium Roast. We purchase high quality raw coffees without defects to adopt the Medium Roast, with the sole aim of enhancing all the natural aromas of the green beans.

Essenze di Luce

Essenze di Luce opens up new scenarios in the outdoor sector with natural stone lighting and sound diffusion products handmade in Italy. Nature, design and technology come together to create timelessly stylish products that can be perfectly integrated into any context, for exclusive gardens.

Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica, based in Padua, has been operating for over 69 years in private, industrial and architectural construction. Renowned for quality, innovation, and international presence. Originating from IVIC in 1973, Eterno Ivica was established in 1975, always a leader in outdoor raised flooring.


Place of creation, innovation and craftsmanship of wrought iron in the outskirts of Como. Danilo Panzeri, a master who knows how to create functional objects and contemporary works of art. Forge of ideas, where craftsmanship meets creative inspiration to create unique pieces.


Falorni, an Italian family that has been synonymous with fashion, quality and reliability since 1980. From the selection of leathers woven by expert hands, their artisanal production is born of bags, upholstery and leather accessories, strictly Made in Italy.

FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano

FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano is a historic weaving company founded in Italy in 1941 and specialized today in the production of high performance fabrics. FIDIVI offers a range of over 50 fabrics in collection with a huge choice in colors and the possibility of developing customized items.


It is a quarterly publication that is aimed at designers, prescribers, style offices of design oriented companies to deepen the technical knowledge and act as a bridge between project and technologies related to surfaces. Since 2014 Finiture Green collects innovative technologies and processes.


Gelatamo is a small artisanal ice cream shop, with a skilful Neapolitan hand, which has quickly become one of the most awarded and appreciated Milanese companies: famous for its original flavors such as stracciatella and babà, saffron, ricotta and ginger.


Graziano S.r.l. is a young, dynamic company with the aim of providing a concrete response to the ever-increasing demand to combine the technical and aesthetic function of the radiator. Aesthetic rigour, creative passion and a drive for innovation form the basis of our designs.

Ideal Control Piscine & Wellness

An Italian company that has been designing and building private pools, public pools and spas since 1982. Thanks to the experience obtained and certified on the field, the company manages to meet all needs by going to propose highly innovative and customized solutions.


Since 1970, Idral has been designing and producing in Italy the sanitary products for public environments you need, because it specializes in technologically advanced, resistant, safe, accessible, hygienic and environmentally friendly products, that are furthermore expressions of the Italian design.


Field of designers interior and external staircase, strength is composed by: simplicity, transparency and high quality of products. Throughout the years, the company has matured a strong National and International experience, meeting high costumers approval.


A company dedicated to the conception, development and production of innovative solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Technical skills and creativity, technology and design, to achieve the best standards in terms of energy efficiency and quality of performance.

IODA studio


Cooperating with world-renowed brands , world spreading business grows into wholesalers and retailers, dealers and designers. Supplies to hotels and houses with finest furniture and outstanding solution.Selecting high quality materials from France, Spain and USA.


Creates scenic designs blending resin, metal powders, lime, clay, and terrazzo. With over 25 years of experience, influenced by masters such as Gaetano Pesce and Mino Longo. The partnership with Artequarantuno in Salò leads to new projects, harnessing the artistic versatility of resin.


Italian design, Hong Kong soul. Our outdoor furniture is the spritz that keeps you company during those special moments in the garden, on the terrace, at the pool side after a long working day or a tough week. The real luxury? Quality time with family and friends.

Logli Saint-Gobain

Since 1989, Logli Saint-Gobain has distinguished itself through innovation in glass system technology, offering cutting-edge, designer solutions for railings, sliding doors, canopies, shower walls and furniture complements, ensuring safety and reliability.

Lorenzo Guzzini Architecture

In an emotional journey, between water to continuous cycle, lights punctual in darkness, surrounded by the material lava stone of Etna, and the products of the bath oxidized and surfaces of corian, Matter is a moment of pause and reflection on the relationship between human being and Nature

Luca Papini Design Studio

Elegant, different, unconventional... the design is specifically designed for a multifunctional product like FÄRNA. If the size hides the product, the design makes it prominent and valuable.

Luigi Trenti

Casapitti merges sustainability, Italian craftsmanship, & customization to redefine living spaces. Together with designer Luigi Trenti and Cromatica by Marcegaglia, introduces digital printing on steel in the furniture world.

Made a mano

Made a Mano by Rosario Parrinello is a company specialized in working with ceramized Etna's Lava Stone for more than 50 years. The workmanship is handcrafted with an aesthetic and structural quality that has allowed Made a Mano to be a global benchmark in the industry.


Founded in Milan in 1932 thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of Spartaco Mamoli, the company has established itself over time as a benchmark in the Italian and international market for the production of taps characterized by a strong aesthetic research, technology, innovation and quality


Twelve years ago, at the foot of the Concarena in the municipality of Capo di Ponte, an experience of the Manganoni Tartufi farm began, which concerns the underground mushroom much appreciated at the table. Let's talk about the black truffle that he is growing in the three hectares of the company.


MaterialiCasa Magazine is devoted to the world of surfaces for architecture and design. Aimed at design professionals, the mag-book is divided into three monographic releases with the themes "Home & Collective spaces", "Ho.Re.Ca." and "Green building"

Modesign Italia

Modesign is innovative spirit, artistic intuition and manual experience. Human value as the focal point of a path that looks to the future. Innovative design thanks to past experience and "know-how". A great Italian story that was born in Verona in '68 by the founder Franco Bianchini.


“An installation in relation to the geometries and artworks of S. Marco’s Church. The elements draw, through wooden and fabric screens, a virtual square space, amplified by two metal niches. A changeable composition thanks to furnishings designed ad hoc by the studio.”

New Life

New Life, an Italian company, produces chairs and tables for the high-end national and international market for institutions, hospitality and naval sectors. Collections and bespoke projects are the result of the fusion of craftmanship with industrial production and technology.


Penitenti is a journey of over 15 years, through passion and dedication, to produce the best extra virgin olive oil in Italy! As defined by the most demanding critics, Penitenti oil is an unmissable taste experience


Arianna Agricultural Company, the most important prestige of Valcamonica thanks to the excellence of its "Red Gold" Saffron: disputed for its organoleptic qualities and for the certificates won for its properties.Delicious honeys and small fruits are flavored with this precious OroRosso


Panggioso, the only cheesy "bread". Gluten and yeast free Full of cheesy taste “Pão de queijo” of the Brazilian tradition

Paolelli Garden

Paolelli Garden was established in the early 2000s and rapidly gained a reputation as a leading provider of outdoor furnishings. The company's knowledge can be attributed to producing high-quality products that are a direct reflection of Italgarden's historic production methods.


Is a Champagne House founded in 1811 from a couple’s shared love for nature and art, that remain an endless source of inspiration for every action and creation. From the start, they chose the Chardonnay as the signature of the House, defining the floral style which sets Perrier-Jouët wines apart.

Piscine Laghetto

Part of the Multinational Fluidra Group, revolutionized the pools industry, turning them into year-round decor pieces.Their range includes semi-inground, above-ground, and mini pools, all featuring top-notch design and technology. The products are exposed thanks to the Official Dealer Ideal Control

PLA.NET - Outdoor Cooking

PLA.NET was founded in 2005 and thanks to the technical experience in the stainless steel processing and in the manufacturing of Fry top of Levigmatic, we were able to bring the cooktop to the domestic use. PLA.NET products constantly develop, in order to fulfil any needs


Exclusive ceramic objects that are unique in terms of concept, design, technology, technique and craftsmanship. Washbasins decorated by hand raw and fired at 1220 degrees, the harmonizers in 3D clay printing, designed according to precise proportions of sacred geometry.

Renson nv

‘Creating Healthy Spaces’ is Renson’s baseline and mission. As a trendsetter in ventilation, sun protection, wall cladding, outdoor living, this Belgian family company emphasizes on sustainable and aesthetically integrated overall concepts with high standards in energy efficiency, comfort and design


SILVIO DE PONTE | DE PONTE STUDIO ARCHITECTS con Noemi Tolotti, Sofia Marinelli e Andrea Dentoni

The Sensory Garden is the City of Dreams, a sensory installation that fosters aggregation, with platforms, volumes, chaise lounges where one can sit and lie down, where people can meet, exchange opinions, and ideas. But these exchanges are not only exchanges of goods, but exchanges of words desires.


Founded in Udine in 2018, Spolert brings to the market a new way of outdoor cooking conceived to experience outdoor spaces to the fullest. It is not just a barbecue, nor a plancha, but a 100% Made in Italy design object, thanks to which you can experience extraordinary moments.

Studio Batoni Fabrizio Batoni e Tommaso Batoni Architetti

Studio Batoni presents "Tracce". Four monoliths are carefully positioned to obtain interesting perspectives. Each volume is covered with large tiles and material finishes, which create vibrant contrasts with the surrounding environment.


Techa is a sophisticated system, It allows you to enjoy TV out of home, in absolute peace. Techa is composed of anti-reflective tempered glass and stainless steel, totally waterproof, capable of defend and preserve the TV from any weather condition at any time of the year.


Founded in 1983, Technogym is a leading global fitness, wellness, sports and health brand. Technogym offers a complete ecosystem made up of connected smart fitness equipment, digital services and workout content.


Specialises in the manufacture of designer radiators and towel warmers for interior heating and furnishing. An elevated organizational and productive flexibility can permit solutions entirely personalized able to satisfy any requests of consumer.


Tremolada was founded in Brianza more than 50 years ago. Commitment, passion and attention to customers are values that are combined with craftsmanship of undisputed quality and completely tailor-made upholstery lines to provide a truly sartorial product.


TRONA, Italian brand created by Christian Tamburinelli of BLUESTAR Fashion Design, offers a floating armchair that can be transformed into a cot, patented by industrial invention. Globally appreciated for comfort and unique design, it combines strength and elegance. Registered trademark.


Ultramateria: Focused on creating recycled aluminum for a sustainable future. Each of our products stems from our desire for experimentation, pushing beyond our comfort zone to achieve higher levels of innovation.

Urban - Idee che diventano luce

Brand at the forefront of technological innovation. Focused on innovation and design, Urban offers creative and modern solutions, using quality materials and the latest generation of LEDs for a refined aesthetic.


Artificial Vertical Gardens that look incredibly realistic as well as smart Green Shading Solutions for each possible space: gyms, receptions, executive offices, cafès, restaurants, hotels, shops, hospitals, balconies, penthouses, private gardens and parks, building facades, villas.

Viscio Urban Design

Leading company for over thirty years in the field of street furniture made of local reconstituted stone, developing and producing standard and customized projects. Thanks to the experience gained and the collaboration of Designers and Architects, it guarantees solutions of the highest level.

Visioni Olfattive

Visioni Olfattive works in the olfactory marketing by creating olfactory communication campaigns from the creation of the company's personalized fragrance to its diffusion. Thanks to its non-invasive technology it can also work in the food field